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Apple Planning iPad Keyboard With Trackpad


Apple is planning to release an iPad keyboard accessory later this year that will include a built-in trackpad, the latest step in its effort to position the tablet device as an alternative to laptop computers, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Earlier information indicated Apple could begin using Arm-based chips as soon as 2020, but Kuo’s note indicates a new Mac with an Apple-designed chip won’t be released this year.


Warren Buffett told CNBC that Berkshire Hathaway’s “third-largest business,” after its insurance and railroad interests, is its stake in Apple.

According to what we found in the system, it would be possible to restore the iOS directly over-the-air as well as by connecting the device via USB to another iPhone or iPad, similar to how Apple’s Migration Tool works.

Target employees have been sharing images of UPC scanners and computer systems indicating a yet unannounced Apple product called “Apple AirPods (X Generation)” coming soon with a price tag of $399.


Apple is known to be protective of its image, so the news that it won’t let iPhones be used by bad guys in movies probably shouldn’t be a surprise.




I’m excited. For a long time I’ve been an advocate for iPad keyboards and pointing devices, and this potential product would offer a way for Apple to differentiate the iPad Pro from its increasingly capable lower-end iPads.