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A New Email Startup Says Apple’s Shaking It Down for a Cut of Its Subscriptions


Hey launched its email service on Monday morning. That’s also when Apple started demanding it change the way people pay, or risk getting thrown out of the App Store.

Less than a week before WWDC, all hell is breaking loose in Apple’s developer relations.

Mike Rockwell’s team of 1,000 engineers aims to create the company’s biggest hits since the iPhone.


Ereader company Kobo follows Spotify in calling for probe into App Store

The Apple-Google design has been promoted as being more privacy-centric.

Apple Inc. is temporarily shutting some of its U.S. retail stores again after cases of Covid-19 spiked in some areas across the country.


In a brief call today about Basecamp’s Hey email app from the iOS App Store, Apple’s Phil Schiller told me that there would currently be no changes to its rules that would allow the app to continue to be offered. “Sitting here today, there’s not any changes to the rules that we are considering,” Schiller […]

Next week, Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developer Conference is expected to detail a migration away from Intel’s x86 chips to new processors of Apple’s own design. Here’s how that could dramatically affect the next decade of computing.



Examples of capriciousness in App Store policymaking.


But personally, as the owner of a business, this isn’t just about money. Money grabs the headlines, but there’s a far more elemental story here. It’s about the absence of choice, and how Apple forcibly inserts themselves between your company and your customer.