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Supreme Court Deals Apple Major Setback in App Store Antitrust Case


The Supreme Court, ruling 5-4, allows iPhone users to pursue their antitrust lawsuit against Apple in a case involving its signature electronic marketplace, the App Store.


Alongside the new TV app, today’s iOS update also introduces AirPlay 2 support on compatible smart TVs, timed with Samsung’s own announcement of a firmware update for its TVs that includes both the TV app and AirPlay 2.

For more than a year, Apple Inc. avoided major damage from the U.S. trade war with China, thanks in part to a White House charm offensive by Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook. But the company now faces its first major hit – from both sides of the dispute.


We have a Samsung TV set (the 2018 Q6F) that’s compatible with the new Apple offerings, so we thought we’d check them out to give MacRumors readers a look at how Apple features work on third-party television sets.

The MacBook doesn’t have the only keyboard in need of fixing.

I will always buy my apps from the App Store because I trust what Apple is doing with its ecosystem. I want to be secure, and I want a company that values my privacy to be in charge of the apps I download and use.



Following the announcement of new speculative execution exploits that target Intel CPU architecture, Apple has posted a new document on its website that explains how customers with computers that are ‘at heightened risk’ of attack can enable full mitigation.


Since a spinal cord injury left her quadriplegic, Rachael Short’s creative process shifted from using multiple cameras and films to only her iPhone.

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