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Apple Cracks Down on Apps That Fight iPhone Addiction


Last year, with much fanfare, the tech giant unveiled a screen-time tracker of its own. Then it quietly began purging competitors from its store.

With the App Store, we curate a vibrant app ecosystem that provides consumers access to many quality apps while doing our best to ensure your privacy and security. On that, we will not compromise.


An Apple lobbyist brought an iPhone to meetings with California lawmakers and said consumers could hurt themselves by puncturing a lithium-ion battery.

Schiller notes that MDM technology is intended for enterprise users to install on company-owned devices, giving them easy access to and control over those devices for management purposes. The alternative usage of MDM technology by third-party developers for screen time monitoring or parental controls raises significant privacy and security concerns, however, and Apple has moved to address those issues.

On Saturday, April 27th, The New York Times exposed Apple’s systematic removal of screen time applications from the App Store.


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The bill would have been the first in North America to empower average people to repair their own devices.


User automation is important. Giving users the power to eliminate repetitive tasks and connect apps together in ways the app designers never anticipated helps harness the power of computers to make our lives easier.