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Next Major macOS Version Will Include Standalone Music, Podcasts, and TV Apps, Books App Gets Major Redesign


During the “It’s show time” event in late March, Apple announced that the TV app would be coming to the Mac soon. This naturally sparked discussions about whether Apple would be bringing its other media apps to the Mac, finally splitting up iTunes into distinct applications.

Walt Disney Co.’s new streaming service will come to Apple Inc.’s TV box, even as the iPhone maker plans to start a rival offering later this year.


Apple today announced it has nearly doubled the number of suppliers that have committed to run their Apple production on 100 percent clean energy.

Huawei’s surprising change of heart only really matters because Apple appears to be in a tough spot with its sole modem supplier, Intel. The chipmaker provides the wireless modems that go into all iPhones and iPads, and it said late last year that its 5G-ready XMM 8160 modems would be available for its customers in the second half of 2019.

Apple will expand the iPhone’s NFC chip reading capabilities before the end of 2019 so that it can be used to read data stored in security chips like

iPhone continues to be the most popular smartphone among American teenagers based on a recent survey.


I’ve got to think that Apple has a bigger iMac redesign in the offing, but that it’s not ready to make that step right now—perhaps because of price issues involving SSD storage, perhaps because of other forthcoming changes to the Mac platform that require them to hold that design back.

The 2019 iPad Air is Apple’s newest mid-to-high tier tablet, and falls just below the Pro line and just above the sixth-generation iPad, making it unexciting, but arguably the go-to tablet for the general consumer.



“Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam,” a five-part docuseries looking back at the rapper’s career, will launch April 17 on Apple Music.


That would mean they transferred 700 terabytes in 50,400 seconds, for a final data rate of about 14 gigabytes per second. As Marrone said, if you’re dealing in petabytes of data, the fastest bandwidth you can buy is not the Internet—it’s putting your hard drives on an airplane and flying them to your destination.