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The company is shaking up its development program to focus more on key features and push back others to the following year.


Last year, Buffett told CNBC that he was more sure about Apple’s future than IBM’s.

Some distracted staff are walking into glass panes designed to foster collaboration



Apple’s HomePod sounds excellent, but its Apple-centric design can feel limited next to other smart speakers.

Apple HomePod. It’s somehow the best and the worst. Siri vs Google vs Alexa vs Bixby.

Okay, everyone. Strap in. This is going to be long. After 8 1/2 hours of measurements, and over 6 hours of analysis, and writing, I finally ran out of wine.




The real problem facing the Mac are the number of developers creating non-native “Mac” apps and the number of users who don’t have a problem with them.