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Foxconn to Begin Assembling Top-end Apple iPhones in India in 2019


Apple Inc will begin assembling its top-end iPhones in India through the local unit of Foxconn as early as 2019, the first time the Taiwanese contract manufacturer will have made the product in the country, according to a source familiar with the matter.


When I write about the Brydge keyboard, the question I get most often is, “Why turn your iPad into a laptop instead of getting a laptop?”

Arguably one of the biggest differences in physical design for the 2018 iPhone models, the iPhone XR has only one rear camera while the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have two. AppleInsider takes a closer look at the situation to see if the iPhone XR’s single camera can still stand up to the dual-lens stablemates.


Today we’re learning that Sony has customers like Huawei lining up to bring this to market in 2019. Will Apple be one of Sony’s next customers for their 3D camera module or will they deliver their own solution?

While Apple just announced its 2018 iPhones, rumors for the 2019 iPhone are already surfacing. While the information has yet to be confirmed, it seems Apple’s 2019 flagship could include a variety of upgrades ranging from a new design to enhanced features. Here’s everything we know about the device so far.



Apple had some notable successes in 2018, but also a few fails. Here’s a look back at the company’s 2018, and what it means headed into the new year.