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Apple plans to hold off until at least 2020 before offering an iPhone that can connect to 5G phone services, sources say.

Starting today, the ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4 marks the first direct-to-consumer product that enables customers to take an electrocardiogram right from their wrist.

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Tech companies can be forced to “build new capabilities” that allow access to encrypted messages.

Apple Inc. is experimenting with iPhone marketing strategies it rarely uses – such as discount promotions via generous device buyback terms – to help goose sales of its flagship product.

MBW understands that Apple has acquired Platoon, the London-based creative services firm founded in 2016 by music industry veteran Denzyl Feigelson and LoveFilm co-founder, Saul Klein.


My last few weeks with the new iPad Pro have been characterized by a recurring theme: the freedom to experiment with different setups and accessories. A multiplicity of input systems, form factors, and work contexts that don’t turn the iPad into something it isn’t, but rather add to it to make it more versatile and, ultimately, useful. Some of these ideas were possible before, but everything has been greatly simplified and made more powerful or flexible thanks to USB-C.

You can say $40 is too much for an iPhone case, but I’d say Apple’s $40 clear case is easily worth twice as much as the $20 clear cases I’ve tried.



Microsoft is changing its Edge browser to run on the Chromium engine. This is the same engine that powers Google’s Chrome browser, and it will mean both Edge and Chrome will get better on Windows now.


Apple reveals its 2018 global top charts and selects from our editors across apps, music, podcasts, books, TV and movies.