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Have you ever made something wonderful but were too afraid to share it?


Lower-than-expected demand for Apple’s new iPhones and the company’s decision to offer more models have created turmoil along its supply chain and made it harder to predict the number of components and handsets it needs.

Apple users are seen as the ‘invisible poor’ - those who do not look as poor as their financial circumstances

Less than a month after releasing the iPhone XR, Apple is moving to offer subsidies to mobile-network operators in Japan to shore up sales of its least expensive new smartphone.


It took nearly 18 months of Apple’s regular Today at Apple promotions through keynote events and press releases, but I finally had my interest in the program piqued.

Video editing on the iPad Pro? I thought it’d be a fun/stupid idea to try and edit an entire video from start to finish on the 2018 iPad Pro and honestly, it surprised me big time.


Google Assistant on iOS now supports Siri Shortcuts. So if you prefer Google’s virtual helper, now you can quickly get to it with a custom voice phrase of your choosing whenever you activate Siri.

Apple is in discussions with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide portable electronic health records to military veterans.


Interesting interview with the Apple CEO, in particular where they ask him about why he’s comfortable having Google be the default search engine on iOS, despite his overall concerns about data privacy.