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Last month, Apple introduced the new MacBook Air and a revamped Mac mini. Both computers, like the newest MacBook Pro and last year’s iMac Pro, come equipped with Apple’s security-focused T2 chip, which has renewed concerns that Apple is trying to further lock down its devices from third-party repair services. The company confirmed that the chip checks for proprietary diagnostic software during the replacement of the logic board and Touch ID sensor.


Tech giant enlists Oscar-winning indie studio behind “Moonlight.”

UnitedHealthcare members enrolled in the Motion program can get an Apple Watch for the cost of taxes and shipping alone, if they reach certain fitness milestones.

It’s small consolation to those of us looking for high-quality third-party USB-C to Lightning cables today, but it does sound like they’ll start appearing in the second quarter of 2019.


The iPad Pro is fantastic hardware that will delight everyone who uses it. If you already use the iPad Pro to get work done, you’ll find it a great upgrade. If you’ve considered moving to the iPad Pro, it’s worth investigating if you can do your job from it—it’s more flexible than you might think.

The Mac mini is back, regaining its rightful place as the most versatile Mac in Apple’s entire computer lineup.

Personally, I’d like Apple to provide its pro iPad customers with more options. I would happily trade some of the Smart Keyboard’s portability for a larger, heavier keyboard with adjustable angles and extra functions that are natively integrated with iOS and apps.

Overall, I could not be happier with the upgrade. I cannot recommend it enough to other artists. It really is the only machine I need for work anymore.



We Turned Our iPad into a Wireless Display for Mac Mini All-powerful. Brilliant. Magical.


Apple’s approach to iPads and iPhones may dramatically change how we shop for Macs in the future.