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The iPhone XR offers almost the same experience as the iPhone XS with a slightly worse display, for $250 less.

While Google, Facebook and Twitter face scrutiny for spreading misinformation, Apple has avoided scandal by using people to pick what news to show. Is that good for news outlets?


We thoroughly evaluate the claims made by Bloomberg in their Supermicro China tampering stories and found them likely impossible or implausible at best. We take stock of sources and discuss the next steps calling for formal SEC and shareholder investigations of Bloomberg.

Photographers from around the world are capturing gorgeous portrait photographs on iPhone Xs, taking advantage of its new Depth Control feature.


It sounds too good to be true, but the XR is almost as good as the XS models at a far lower price. Dollar for dollar, the XR is almost certainly the best iPhone Apple has ever made.

The iPhone XR might be the most interesting phone Apple has made in years.

The iPhone XR is Apple’s best knockoff yet of its groundbreaking iPhone X

Chinese phone companies are often accused of both ripping off Apple and straying too far from Android’s design principles. Here’s why it happens.



Apple has filed an interesting patent for its Apple Car efforts with new autonomous vehicle features like sharing power while in a caravan.


The past decade has shown that custom faces have massive potential. If Apple believes in its developer community, if it believes in its users’ judgment, if it believes in the App Store, if it believes in itself — it’s time to open up the Apple Watch. To do anything less is to deny it a chance at an iPhone-sized revolution.