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macOS Mojave brings a number of new features to Mac, including Dark Mode, Stacks, a new Mac App Store and more.

With Facebook falling out of favor as a news source, publishers are seeing huge traffic growth from Apple News. Ad revenue, not so much.


Apple today announced it has completed the acquisition of Shazam, one of the most popular and highly-rated music apps, used by millions worldwide.

In a court filing, Qualcomm has unveiled explosive charges against Apple for stealing “vast swaths” of its confidential information and trade secrets to improve the performance of chip sets provided by Intel.

The Siri Suggested recommendation feature inside Safari promoted Pizzagate videos, Holocaust denier articles, and debunked race science posts.


One thing is for sure though, we seem to be heading into an interesting phase of macOS’s evolution that will be anything but boring.

We’re taught that good things come to those who wait, but delaying gratification is no fun. It’s easier to eat the marshmallow now rather than wait for the cookie later.

I’ll feel better once we see where apps like Home and News end up. For now, they are part of a large beta program, and one that I hope sees real improvement before shipping.

Apple Watch Series 4 kept everything I loved about Apple Watch and added so much more. I can’t imagine a day when I would get up and not put on my Apple Watch. I have and continue to recommend the Apple Watch to everyone.



Apple and Salesforce today announced a strategic partnership that brings the number one customer relationship management solution to iOS.


On September 28, 1997, Apple debuted its iconic “Think different” TV commercial. The powerful spot is a milestone for Apple advertising.