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Steve Jobs said Apple was 90 days from bankruptcy in 1997. Now it is the first publicly traded American company to be worth $1 trillion.

Apple reported its third quarter financial results for the fiscal year after the market close on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.


Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook said on Thursday that the iPhone maker’s $1 trillion market capitalization was “not the most important measure” of the company’s success but was instead a result of its focus on its products, customers and company values.

This is not totally surprising after Apple cut the rate for in-app purchases last year. However, this is going to hurt a lot of people in the media ecosystem around Apple.


So, all in all, my new MacBook Pro is fast and hopefully more reliable than the ones before it. It still has the trade-offs that have defined this generation of Mac notebooks, but three revisions in, I think it’s time we all accept that this is how MacBook Pros are now, and for me, getting to use macOS on the road is well worth the cost.



In an excerpt from her memoir, Small Fry, the author reflects on Jobs’s privacy, his temper, and watching a legend grow before her eyes.

After working on a redesign of Youtube and publishing my concept for macOS, I decided I should take care of one of my most beloved platforms of all time: iOS for the iPhone.


Laptop battery life is decreasingly relevant to me as more airplanes offer power outlets. But sometimes you lose that lottery, as I did on my latest 8-hour daytime flight.