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Apple is sending out invitations to an education event on March 27. Using the tagline ‘Let’s take a field trip,’ Apple says that the event will focus on ‘creative new ideas for teachers and students’.

Apple today announced it will host its 29th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose from June 4 through June 8.


Apple’s 2011 “Let’s talk iPhone” event at its Cupertino headquarters was a pivotal moment for the company.

Apple today announced it will acquire Texture, the digital magazine subscription service that gives users unlimited access to their favorite titles.

GrayKey, an iPhone unlocker, is secretly being marketed to law enforcement. Thanks to an anonymous source, we now know how the device works—and the danger it presents to security.


See how six visionary artists pushed iMac Pro to the limit. Watch the films and how they were made.

None of these apps were built by third party developers. As noted by Craig Hockenberry, it has been a full decade since Apple shipped the first version of the iPhone SDK to developers. It’s hard to remember today that, in the beginning, the iPhone didn’t have third-party apps.




A big problem facing Samsung (and the rest of the Android world) is that the USB-C headphone market is a mess — and expensive to boot.