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The mall is dying — but Apple’s retail chief Angela Ahrendts is reimagining the company’s stores anyway.

The company says initial response has been strong, and shipping times for the iPhone X have already slipped to December.


A Bloomberg report made claims that Apple had reduced its requirements from suppliers on the accuracy level of Face ID. Apple has issued a statement stating that the report is “completely false” and that it expects Face ID to be the new gold standard of facial authentication.

A conservative corporation takes its first steps into a new industry.

A Google engineer has detailed a disturbing privacy setting in iOS that allows any iPhone app with camera permission to take photos of you without notice.


Ever since tablets became more mainstream, I’ve been aching for a device that could truly be a full-powered, mobile photography solution. After all, the idea of a tablet seems tailor-made for photographers. And finally, in the last few years, hardware and software have reached a point where the tablet truly is a viable solution. Find out how the 2017 iPro Pro fares in this review.

Tim Cook said it’s not the end of the Mac mini, after all. Here are a few quick observations about its possible future.


A new LG Innotek factory in Vietnam is allegedly geared toward churning out single- and dual-lens camera modules for various iPhone models, matching Apple’s growing demands.



If Apple had really been dithering over Touch ID-embedded-in-the-display vs. Face ID in June of this year, iPhone X wouldn’t be hitting the market until 2018. And the final decisions on the hardware for the iPhones that will be debuting next year are being made right now.

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