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Apple is switching the default provider of its web searches from Siri, Search inside iOS (formerly called Spotlight) and Spotlight on the Mac.

Apple announced that macOS High Sierra, the latest release of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system, is now available as a free update.

TechCrunch has learned that Apple has acquired a small French startup called Regaind, according to multiple sources.


For 19 nonstop hours as Hurricane Irma lashed Florida, disc jockey Nio Fernandez broadcast updates in Spanish from the 92.5 Maxima radio studios in St. Petersburg, fielding updates from those trapped in their homes as wind and rain whipped through the area.

In the wake of disasters in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean, Apple employees and customers have come together to support relief and recovery efforts.


High Sierra is a great version of macOS, and one that brings a level of polish and attention to detail that has been lacking over the last several years. You should update to it, and I think you’ll enjoy using it for the next year or so.

Mac OS High Sierra (macOS 10.13). As the new name suggests, it’s just a refinement of last year’s Mac OS Sierra. In fact, you could sum up what’s new in an article about as short as this one.

What is Face ID, how does it work, can the police use it against you, will glasses and beards trip it up, and everything else you need to know about Apple’s new biometric sensor for iPhone X!

This might be the most delightful Apple product I’ve ever purchased. It feels like an inflection point in the story arc of consumer devices. The addition of cellular isn’t iterative. It’s revolutionary.


Apple’s iPhone SE, introduced in March of 2016, is the sole device that the company continues to sell in a smaller 4-inch form factor.


Apple is now the biggest watchmaker in the world, overtaking Rolex during the last quarter. This achievement happened less than two and a half years after Apple entered the watch market.


The reviews of iPhone X will be the most anticipated since the reviews of the original iPhone in 2007. But if you want an iPhone X before 2018, I suspect you’re going to have to pre-order before you read them.