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The tech giant was going to build its own self-driving car. Now it is sticking to the underlying technology and testing it in an employee shuttle service.

Apple is planning to unveil a renewed focus on the living room with an upgraded Apple TV set-top box that can stream 4K video and highlight live television content such as news and sports, according to people familiar with the matter.


Apple today announced the App Development with Swift curriculum will now be offered in more than 30 community college systems across the country.

As facial-recognition technology moves into mobile devices, we will soon take it for granted not just in smartphones but also in smart-home speakers, doorbells and locks, writes Christopher Mims.

Apple announces plans to build a new state-of-the-art data center in Waukee, Iowa, to better serve North American users.

The American technology company has no official presence in Iran, but millions of Iranian iPhone users have relied on local apps that are now blocked.


iOS 11 beta 7 was released earlier today to developers, and as we get closer to the GM release, there are less and less readily apparent changes present.



While Apple invented the modern smartphone, it has since mostly played catch-up with competitors. A few times it got there first.

The product leaks that Apple fans are obsessed with at the moment involve the upcoming new flagship iPhone. But long before the era of blogs and Twitter, Apple was not entirely successful at keeping its secrets secret. I just found and digitized a local news item from San Francisco’s KGO, broadcast in February 1988.


With the introduction of new iPhones on the horizon, a look at many of the reasons that Apple’s smartphone has kept us in its grip for the last decade.