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The technology giant said it was complying with a request from Chinese authorities. Apps from other international publications were still available.

nytimes.com by Katie Benner and Sui Lee Wee, 4 min read

Apple Inc. confirmed that it plans to invest $1 billion in SoftBank’s new technology fund to help finance technologies it could use in the future.

wsj.com by Tripp Mickle

Apple said Chief Executive Tim Cook and other top leaders received less total compensation in 2016 as the company missed its revenue and profit goals for the year.

wsj.com by Austen Hufford

Apple’s App Store once again broke records in 2016 with record-setting developer earnings, an unprecedented holiday season and breakout app hits.

apple.com, 2 min read

The move came after a November court ruling found the professional networking service in violation of Russia’s internet laws.

nytimes.com by Cecilia Kang and Katie Benner, 3 min read

This has been the winter of our discontent. 2016 was the year the tone changed. There’s always been a lot of criticism and griping about anything Apple does (and doesn’t do — it c…

chuqui.com by Chuq Von Rospach, 16 min read

In my mind, without question, they are the best new product Apple has done in years. Are they perfect? No. But they’re so good at their core purpose: wireless earbuds, that it’s honestly hard to complain about a single thing.

500ish.com by M.G. Siegler, 3 min read

The initial problems ScanSnap had in Sierra were just the beginning. It turns out that Apple rewrote the underlying PDFKit in Sierra and introduced numerous bugs that are bedeviling Mac developers and users alike. The quick takeaway? Don’t edit PDFs in Sierra’s Preview for now!

tidbits.com by Adam C. Engst, 4 min read

Instead of the modern touch-driven interface we now call iOS, it featured an operating system dubbed “Acorn OS”

sonnydickson.com by January 6, 2017, 1 min read

At Pearl Automation, former Apple employees are blending their old employer’s high quality standards with less paranoia and more openness.

nytimes.com by Vindu Goel, 5 min read

Apple should stop neglecting its desktop Macs, give users more control over data usage, say goodbye to spinning drives, and more.

macworld.com by Jason Snell, 6 min read