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The Apple exec exclusively told The Independent about the technical challenges of creating a laptop that’s lighter, thinner and faster than before.

Good one!

independent.co.uk by David Phelan, 6 min read

I long ago got used the the idea that no matter what Apple said or released, the Internet would fall over itself proving how much smarter they were than Apple, only to see Apple make another truckload of money on the product everyone was criticizing.

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Apple is cutting the price of their USB-C adapters by up to half, third party USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 peripherals they sell by 25%, and SanDisk’s USB-C SD card reader by 40%. All in an effort to ease the pain of pro customers with legacy peripherals upset by Apple’s rapid move to USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 exclusivity on the 2016 MacBook Pro.

imore.com by Rene Ritchie, 2 min read

It has been discovered that along with physical function keys, glowing Apple logo and ‘old style’ USB ports, the new MacBook Pros lack the iconic Mac chime when booting up.

Hopefully, you can turn it on back!

9to5mac.com by Benjamin Mayo, 2 min read

Its share is over 100% because other vendors lost money in the business, resulting in Apple having more smartphone profit than the industry netted overall. In the year-earlier period, Apple grabbed 90% of smartphone profits.

It doesn’t seem to be healthy, Apple needs competition.

investors.com by Patrick Seitz, 1 min read

The LG UltraFine 5K Display is now priced at $974, a $325 price cut from its original price of ,299.95. The LG UltraFine 4K Display is now priced at $524, a 75 price cut from its original price of $699.95.

They are cheaper until the end of the year, but that doesn’t make them less ugly.

macrumors.com by Juli Clover, <1 min read

This would be a great laptop if it was positioned at the ,300 starting price of the old MacBook Pros, though the 12-inch MacBook might need to move downmarket a bit to make room for it. At its current price, the ,499 Pro feels like a laptop with a new design that just happens to be missing a bunch of the features that make the new design worthwhile.

You’ll not find a more complete review than the Ars Technica one!

arstechnica.com by Andrew Cunningham, 26 min read

The new MacBook Pro is as beautiful and desirable as ever, but using it is alienating to anyone living in the present. I agree with Apple’s vision of the future. I’m just not buying it today.

theverge.com by Vlad Savov, 12 min read

The first of the long-awaited updates to Apple’s pro-level laptops is on our teardown table, but what the heck is it. MacBook Pro Without Touch Bar. MacBook Pro With Function Keys. MacBook Pro With Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports.


Apple today released a developer preview of iOS 10.2 which includes favorites such as the Shrug and Fingers Crossed emojis for the first time.

blog.emojipedia.org by Jeremy Burge's Picture, 2 min read

Multiple rumors have pointed towards Apple releasing at least one new iPhone with an OLED display next year, and now the best confirmation yet has surfaced.

macrumors.com by Joe Rossignol, 2 min read

What’s the ‘sweet spot’ price that will get streaming music to a billion subscribers. Maybe Apple Music will finally figure that out. Apple Music may be preparing for a major price drop, according to a pair of sources working closely with the streaming service. If implemented, the drop could be as much as 20%, which would put the final monthly price below $8.

digitalmusicnews.com by Paul Resnikoff, 3 min read

It took Apple a year and a half to update one of its best selling laptops. And when the update finally arrived, the processor that the Cupertino crowd decided to put in the brand new laptop was Intel’s year-old Skylake microarchitecture—not the newer Kaby Lake architecture. This move would normally be both astounding and annoying, except if Microsoft did the exact same thing two days earlier with its newly announced Surface Studio.

gizmodo.com by Alex Cranz, 3 min read

I was really disappointed with today’s Apple event. It seems like Apple has either lost its way, that it has lost touch with what (some of) its customers want, or that it simply doesn’t care about those customers.

Impressive list of people not happy with the current state of the Mac.

mjtsai.com by Michael J. Tsai, 17 min read

In 2010, a year before his death, Steve Jobs outlined Apple’s strategy in an email to the company’s 100 most senior employees. He heralded the “Post PC era,” vowed “Holy War with Google,” promised to “further lock customers into our ecosystem,” and warned that Apple was “in danger of hanging on to old paradigm too long.”

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How do iPhone App developers feel about their reviews. For Úll 2016, We asked some of our friends to share their reviews.

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Managing the Mac product line must be one of the most challenging problems at Apple. That may not be obvious given the product’s success. Consider what it has achieved: The product is in its 32nd year of market presence. A longevity that in unmatched by any other PC maker.

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