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Apple Inc. plans to unify its separate internet services groups into a single campus to better compete with Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Amazon.com Inc. in the cloud, according to people familiar with the plans.

Apple cloud services teams run by executive Eddy Cue, including Siri, Maps, iCloud, Apple Pay, Apple News and parts of iTunes and Apple Music, will move together into the company’s existing Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, California, the people said. Currently, most Apple services are developed separately from each other in office parks rented out in other parts of Cupertino and Sunnyvale, California.

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Samsung has agreed to acquire Viv, an AI and assistant system co-founded by Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham — who created Siri, which was acquired by Apple in 2010. The three left Apple in the years after the acquisition and founded Viv in 2012. Pricing information was not available, but we’ll check around.

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Google is embarking on a wholesale revamp of its mobile phone strategy, debuting a pair of slick and powerful handsets that for the first time will go head-to-head with Apple Inc.’s iconic iPhone.

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The court said that there was substantial evidence for the jury verdict related to Samsung’s infringement of Apple patents on its slide-to-unlock and autocorrect features, as well as quick links, which automatically turn information like addresses and phone numbers into links.

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Apple has recently updated Apple Maps to include Amtrak’s full system of train routes across the United States and in select Canadian cities.

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The decision to axe the iPhone’s built-in headphone port and simply put an adapter in the box has provoked reactions ranging from amusement to near panic. Why did they do it? Was it worth it? Will other manufacturers copy it? Today we’re going to ignore all of these questions. Instead we’re asking, How did they do it? And since we like taking things apart, we’ll answer with some exploratory surgery and some X-rays.

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So many of macOS Sierra’s new features are about freeing up space from our fast-but-tiny solid-state drives. In addition, Apple has extended support for iCloud Drive to optionally include your Desktop and Documents folder, and mixed those two approaches together to create a third feature, called Optimize Mac Storage.

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office today granted Apple a patent that describes a Touch ID sensor which could effectively detect and read a user’s fingerprints through other components of the smartphone, “such as display stacks and touch screens”

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The rumor mills are starting to churn in advance of a future iPad refresh, with the latest pointing to an iPad mini expanding into the “Pro” lineup, the mid-size iPad Pro growing a bit, True Tone on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and microphone advances across the entire line.

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Earlier today, Apple cancelled my developer account and has removed Dash from the App Store. What Happened. I don’t know.

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Apple has discontinued the third-generation Apple TV, removing it from its online store.

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We know that Apple will revamp some products on a pretty regular schedule: the iPhone, for example. Others get slightly less frequent updates, like the iPad or MacBooks. But what about the Apple products that seem to sometimes go years without a refresh?

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On the fifth anniversary of Jobs’s death, we’ve compiled some of his D Conference highlights into the video above. (I also used the opportunity to ask Swisher and Mossberg about what it was like to host Jobs at their conference. As you might guess, he was a unique participant.)

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